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Expert Service Dog Training for Life-Changing Results

Service Dog

You’re ready for a better life

You want more independence, freedom, and confidence. You want to achieve your full potential with a canine partner by your side. You love dogs and have a passionate interest in dog training. It’s time to train your own service dog.

You’ve come to the right place. We empower disabled individuals to train their own service dogs. From assessing or selecting a candidate, to public access and task training, we’ll guide you around obstacles and provide a clear path to a successful partnership.

Ready to take the first step? Watch our video below.

Free Informational Service Dog Training Video

Preparing to train your own service dog? Learn what you need to know before you start – from an expert in service dog owner-training. You’ll learn…

Expert service dog training for life-changing results

Train Your Own Dog

Do you have a dog you want to train as a service dog? A healthy, confident dog who loves to train and is relaxed or happy around all types of strangers and other dogs?
Whether you’re raising a carefully selected puppy or you’re ready to train tasks with the dog you’ve been obedience training for years – this is your starting place. We’ll help you train your dog to be that ultimate canine partner who always has your back.
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Find the Right
Dog to Train

You’ve read the statistics. You know that service dog training requires a special dog to succeed. You’re ready for the hard work and commitment of training, but you want to make sure you and your dog have all the cards stacked in your favor first!
Your vision of a richer life of teamwork and self-reliance begins with the right dog by your side. This is your starting place. We’ll give you the tools to find that ideal dog to walk with you into a brighter future.
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Mentorship & Consulting
for Trainers

Are you a pet dog trainer who has questions about service dog training or working with disabled clients? Or would you like to become a pet dog trainer or service dog trainer? Get help launching a successful career making a difference for dogs and people.
We’ll give you the tools to provide outstanding service to your current or future clients. Learn about our mentorship program for new or emerging trainers or check out our services for pet professionals
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How the Process Works

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Your Dog Training Includes
Your Dog Training Includes
Certifications and Associations

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