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COVID Policies Agreement

We care deeply about supporting the health of our clients, our communities, and our staff. As service dog trainers, we particularly serve the community of people with disabilities and chronic health issues, which means many of our clients are in high-risk groups for complications from COVID.

Summary of what you’re agreeing to:

  • ALL humans must wear masks – unless otherwise specified ahead of time by your trainer
  • ALL humans who are old enough must be vaccinated – except in specific cases of medical exemption AND agreed to ahead of time by your trainer
  • Notify us and/or stay home from in-person appointments if you or a household member are sick or may become sick
  • If you miss a lesson because you are ill or were exposed to COVID, you will NOT forfeit that lesson. We will make sure your dog still receives training services.
  • You understand that you are contracting for training services, not the manner in which services are provided. E.g., we may reschedule or move classes online due to weather or public health concerns. You will not be refunded for classes or lessons that take place but which are delivered in a different context than you had hoped or expected.

We are excited to train with you and your dog! Please get in touch with any questions!