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Service Dog Training Gear Essentials

Dark gray fluffy puppy lying on a towel and looking up at camera

Read on to see Service Dog Training Gear recommendations from Sharon Wachlser, CPDT-KA, KPACTP. Most are available for purchase with our At Your Service Dog Training logo!

Rapid Rewards Treat Pouch

PRICE: $33.50 (with belt)  $30.00 (no belt)

Bag Attaches with a clip, includes loops if you prefer to thread a belt through (Optional Add on)  Bag Size 6″ W x 6.75″ H x 2.75″ D

Features include:

  • Magnetic closure with pull tab for easy open/close
  • Roomy main compartment, ergonomically shaped, with gray interior lining for better visibility
  • Inside jackpot pocket with Velcro closure to store high value treats or separate any item you want in the main pocket
  • Two side pockets with a waste-bag dispenser feature (one side only), fits clickers, small leads and more
  • Zippered back compartment is roomy enough for cell phones, keys, credit cards and more
  • Belt clip and belt loops allow you to choose multiple ways to wear your pouch
  • Made of durable 600 denier polyester (“backpack”) material
  • Machine washable, cool or warm water. Line dry. Do not use bleach. We do not recommend putting these in the dishwasher.

Go Settle Towel

PRICE: $5.50

Our “Go Settle” towel is perfect for training your dog to lie down and relax in a specific location. This “mat” is small enough to fit in your jeans pocket, so you can take it anywhere. The clear logo signifies to others that your dog is training as a service dog.

Small square white towel with purple logo saying At Your Service Dog Training and with a simple drawing of a dog bowing.

Box Clicker with Coil Wrist Band

PRICE: $2.20

The clicker is a small plastic device that will emit a “click” when pressed. The dog is taught that the “click” marks the moment when they’ve done the right thing and will now receive a reward. A clicker is sometimes a more efficient and easier way to communicate to your dog exactly what behavior is being rewarded.

Karen Pryor iClick Clicker

PRICE: $3.50

A quieter clicker for sound sensitive animals or handlers, or when in a setting where you want to be less conspicuous. A fumble-free design which allows you to click no matter how you happen to grab hold of it.

Clicino Rings- $17

Take advantage of our discounted Training Toolkits:

Standard Training Toolkit:  $40

  • 1 At Your Service box clicker with wrist coil
  • 1 Karen Pryor iClick (quieter and easier clicking)
  • 1 At Your Service “Rapid Rewards” treat pouch with belt
  • 1 At Your Service “go settle” training towel

Recommended Training Toolkit: $45 The “real life happens” toolkit — because things get misplaced, need to be washed, etc. – Includes 2 towels and an extra clicker.

  • 2 At Your Service box clickers with wrist coil
  • 1 Karen Pryor iClick
  • 1 At Your Service “Rapid Rewards” treat pouch with belt
  • 2 At Your Service “go settle” training towels

Couples Training Toolkit: $75 Both trainers have their own complete set of training tools – includes two of everything!

  • 2 At Your Service box clickers with wrist coil
  • 2 Karen Pryor iClicks
  • 2 At Your Service “Rapid Rewards” treat pouches with belts
  • 2 At Your Service “go settle” training towels

Other Supplies and Gear Available

Dog Chews
  • Bully Sticks – $5.50
  • Balance Harness – $41
  • Gentle Leader head halter – $17
  • Easy Walk Harness – $19
  1. At Your Service Dog Training/Slow Is Fast T-shirts (purple, red, or black) – $25
  2. Hoodies – $32
  • Way to Go! How to House Train a Dog of Any Age – Patricia McConnell, 22 pp – $1
  • Puppy Fitness that Fits the Puppy: Age Appropriate Exercise –12 color pages/charts –$4.50

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