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Help Finding a Dog to Train

Get priceless pre-adoption expertise. Start with our Find the Right Service Dog” webinar kit. Learn critical details about temperament and personality, health, structure, breed, fundraising, how to evaluate rescue and breeder sites, and more. This two-part webinar recording and package of helpful materials will equip you on what to look for in a SDiT candidate. 

After the webinar, meet with a service dog trainer to learn how to find that special dog that has the temperament to enjoy working in public. Selecting dogs for service careers requires time, effort – and expertise. Our pre-adoption package gives you the tools you need to find your canine candidate. We’ll get to know you and your needs to guide you down the right path – and help you avoid common roadblocks. Join our clients who are overjoyed with their results – living with that special, truly “right” dog.



  • "How to Find Your Future Service Dog,” two-part workshop and materials, $135
  • Private consultation, written recommendations, and up to five hours of follow-up search support, $400 + $300 deposit* on future training
Poodle puppy sitting on a tan linoleum floor and looking up at the camera

Valuable Support

Sharon helped us decide on the breed of dog we wanted, age, and whether to go through a rescue or breeder.  After the consult, Sharon’s ongoing support was so valuable as we searched for our new family member. I felt so confident knowing what questions to ask and what to expect for responses, as well as red flags to watch out for. We welcomed our new puppy last week and I’ve utilized the client portal’s many helpful videos, articles, and handouts several times for tips on house training, socialization, and beginning training. – Amy Deacon

Cookie, the newest member of the Deacon family

Mentorship & Consulting for Pet Professionals

Whether you’re an experienced professional dog trainer or want to become a dog trainer, we can help you reach your goals:

  1. Are you a pet trainer who is working with a service dog or a disabled client? Our Pet Professional Consulting services will give you greater insight and confidence, boosting your expertise to give your clients excellent results.
  2. Are you a dog trainer or aspiring trainer who wants to get your client communication skills, dog training prowess, or business acumen to an even higher level? Our accessible, online mentorship program gives you individualized instruction and support, along with a “backstage pass” into a successful pet and service dog training business. No matter where you’re located, you’ll be able to observe, study, and get answers about the nitty-gritty of working in this rewarding field.

Helping owners train their own service dogs is a specialized field that is as challenging as it is fulfilling. Learn what you need to know about…

  • applicable disability rights laws and terms
  • dog behavior and temperament assessment
  • training and coaching for public access
  • identifying and training appropriate tasks
  • coaching clients whose physical or mental disabilities affect training, communication, or learning
  • coaching clients through service dog career change or retirement

Mentoring & Consulting

for Professional Dog Trainers
  • Mentorship Course - Learn how to run a successful dog training business and the intricacies of service dog training. $200 per month
  • On-tap Consulting - Expert advice and materials for your service dog cases. $140 per hour or $370 for 3 sessions
  • Tandem Consultation - 2-hour consultation with you and your service dog client; extensive support & materials before and after for great progress. $450

Truly my own pace

I’ve gained a deeper understanding of dog behavior and the ins and outs on how to approach client questions and solve dog behavior problems. The mentorship is both easy-going and jam-packed, which allows me to truly go at my own pace. I like the organization of the materials and the opportunity to connect with Sharon and other mentees. Even though we are doing it via Zoom, it feels like we are all in class together. There’s a lot of support, exploration, fun, and insight. – D.M.

D. trains Bohnji on cue discrimination in a mentorship meeting