Expert Service Dog Training for Life-Changing Results

Mentorship & Consulting for Pet Professionals

Helping owners train their own service dogs is a specialized field that is as challenging as it is fulfilling!
Learn about:
  • temperament tests and candidate assessments
  • public access training and coaching
  • disability rights laws and terms
  • task selection and training
  • effective coaching despite physical, communication, or learning differences
  • service dog career change (“washout”) or retirement
  • burnout prevention, policies, and boundaries

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Pet Trainer

A Pet Trainer with Service Dog Clients?

Pet Professional Consulting enables you to give your clients your best
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Aspiring Trainer

A New or
Aspiring Trainer?

Our Mentorship Course provides a “backstage pass” to the world of professional service dog training. Observe, study, and get answers about the nitty-gritty of working in this rewarding field
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Puppy & Basic Manners Training for Future Service Dogs: A handbook for pet dog trainers

Are you training a puppy or young dog as a future service dog?

As a rewards-based pet trainer, you have the skills and experience to raise confident, well-behaved dogs. However, some aspects of manners training are a little different for future service dogs. It is easy to accidentally train behaviors that will later cause problems for your client. Fortunately, these are easy to avoid!

To help you and your clients succeed, we have written a 30-page handbook for pet trainers with service-dogs-in-training (SDiTs) among their puppy and manners clientele.

This colorful, easy-to-read handbook covers:

Puppy & Basic Manners
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The handbook also provides guidance on when to refer a client to a service dog trainer.

We hope you’ll find the handbook helpful. Thank you for helping to raise happy, confident, mannerly future service dogs!